Board of Directors


Hope M. Field
Coldwell Banker 

Johanna Gabriellle Jimenez
Zenful Living Fitness & Nutrition 

Andres Castellano
Ryk Enterprises, Inc. 

Hector Lorenzo CPA
Lorenzo & Associates LLC 
Director of Young Business & Professionals

Pablo Garita
Director of Public Relations

John Anthony Escobar-Edwards
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co 
Director of Events and Activities

Eduardo Jimenez
Eduardo J. Jimenez, Esq. Attorney at Law LLC 
Director of Marketing & Membership    
Adelaida Colon
Jersey Central Power & LIght /FE 
Director of International Trade

Oscar Vargas
Guscos landscaping llc 
Director of Nomination

Susan Scheer
The Law Offices of Susan Scheer 
Director at Large

Carlos Parra
Parra Trasportation 
Director at Large

Edith Pellecer
Saint Films 
Immediate Past Chairwoman

Argentina Ramirez
Angie`s Enterprises Inc.