About Us

    Today’s Morris County Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce is the embodiment of an idea that arose in the summer of 1989. Little did the founding members realize what the future and importance of this Chamber would become, not only to the Hispanic-owned small business community, but to all of Morris County and New Jersey.

    As a Chamber, we have continually been hailed by the USHCC as one of the Best Chambers in the Northeast, within Region V. This year at the 28th Annual USHCC National Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico, our Chamber was again voted the Best Medium Hispanic Chamber in Region V and more importantly we were declared the 2007 Best National Medium Hispanic Chamber, and honor and award we should all be very proud of. This embodies our Chamber’s evolving history to be the best.

    Two of the three founding members remain active in our Chamber; they are former Chamber Presidents Esperanza Porras-Field and John Sanchez. Neyla Porras de Moreno, the third founding member, moved away from Morris County, but still remains active in another Hispanic Chamber.

    MCHACC has grown from an idea to a local, county, state, national and internationally renowned Chamber. At the past National USHCC Convention, we signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that provides for mutual membership in each others respective Chamber. Next year we plan to do cross border events with our Canadian friends, promoting international trade.

    We are acknowledged as the leading Hispanic advocate for Hispanic-owned businesses in Morris County and adjacent areas. With over 350 members in 2007, MCHACC is poised for further growth and success. We continue to be one of the most active Hispanic Chambers, offering over 20 annual events that range from seminars, training, business incubation, procurement opportunities, business card exchanges, networking events and social/fundraising events.

    You can become a part of our growing successful history by becoming a member.