Board of Directors


Ralph Tejeda
Tropical Sourcing 

Victor Gallardo
Morristown Latino American Supermaket 

Cecilia Bunker
Superior Property Inspection Services 

Tatiana Carpeta
Allstate Insurance 
Director of Young Business & Professionals

Daniela Veronese
EXP Group, LLC 
Director of Finance and Fundraising
Michael Mendoza
Mendoza Enterprises BA Furniture House 
Director of Marketing & Membership    

Christina Martínez
Rising Above LLC & 
Director of Business & Technology Developement 

Oscar Vargas
Guscos Landscaping LLC 
Director of Events and Activities

Marilyn Andrade
RoZel Financial, LLC 
Director of Education & Development

Miriam Serna
Safety Food- Interactive Services 
Director of Workforce Initiatives
Jimmy Parra
Easy Management Trading 
Director of International Trade

Fadia Garcia
Torito Trucking Corp. 
Immediate Past Chairwoman

Hope M. Field
The Coca-Cola Company